Woodinville Farmers Market - 2014 Vendors


   Amador Farms
      Fresh fruits & vegetables

   Bautista Farms
      Fresh vegetables

   Bill's Fruits
      Fresh stone fruit

   Cha New Life
       Fresh vegetables

   Chu Ge Garden
      Flowers & Vegetables

   Collins Family Orchards
      Cherries, berries & more
      Web Site

   Hayton Farms
      Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries & more
      Web Site

   Smith Brothers Farms
      Home delivery of milk, eggs & cheese
      Web Site

   Val's Surroundings
      Raw honey, honey stix & more

   Yeng Garden
      Fresh cut flowers & vegetables

   Youngquist Farms
      Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries & more
      Web Site


   Itty Bitty Baking Company
      Bite-sized cakes and other itty bitty treats
      Web Site

   Simply Kettle Corn
      Handmade kettle corn

   Thyme and Season
      Soup mixes, seasonings for meat, chicken, fish & more
      Web Site

   Woodinville Bagel Bakery
      Bagels, bagel chips, cream cheese & more
      Web Site

Arts & Crafts

   2 Dye 4
      Original tye dye
      Web Site / Facebook

      All natural Cedar Oil Products
      Web Site

   Essential Hardware Jewelry
      Custom made jewelry

   Heavenly Soap
      Natural handcrafted soaps, bath and body products
      Web Site / Facebook

   Junkyard Bones
      Natural dog chews
      Web Site

   Just In Case
      Aprons, pot holders, scarves, towels & more

   KatBeat Jewelry
      Custom jewelry - women/men/children, hair clips, coasters & more
      Web Site

   Kevin Merchant Photography
      Wildlife & Nature Photography
      Web Site

   Mr SawDust
      Handcrafted wood items & gifts

   Precious Gems Designs
      Hand-crafted gem stone jewelry wrapped with sterling silver wire

   The Holistic Health Company
      Natural Soap & Skin Care
      Web Site

   Twisted Wire Studio
      Wire jewelry
      Web Site

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